Why should I organize?

September 7, 2010
by marcus

Priorities Giclee PrintDo you walk in the house after a long day at work and sigh at your cluttered house? Have you planned to organize one morning but have no idea where to start or are not in the mood? Are you caught in a vicious cycle: as soon as you organize one room another one has turned to chaos? Possibly you require some skills to prioritize, find motivation, and ask for help. Simpler said than done?


As with most goals in life, you require to strive for progress and improvement, not perfection. Most of us do not have time to accomplish perfection in everything they do and still live a happy and rewarding life. When you set goals, make them achievable and realistic. When you make that progress, generate a visual way to tracking system of it or remind yourself of all you have accomplished (i.e. stickers on a chart, a check list, a flower/penny/or other item to represent each task you have completed). Since you will seldom have over 24 hours in a day, you must learn “no” to some activities and tasks. As you list each aim, task, or activity, ask yourself if it is necessary, if it supports your final goals, or if any other activity or person will be negatively posh if it does not occur. You might even see your list shrink before your eyes! In case you are not sure how to shorten your list, search the net, ask a colleague, or consult a professional organizer (they help with both the concrete and intangible).


Do you start the day with the best of intentions to declutter the “bathroom” only to loose your drive because it is “just not worth it”? What is important to you? What do you value? Why? These questions may not appear to have much to do with organizing, but they can be the key to your motivation. How much time do you spend on activities that relate to your values (i.e. spending time with relatives, sporting activities or eating healthy, etc.)? Most of us would probably answer “not enough”. Then why would you ever spend time on an activity not related to you values, such as organizing?

The answer: organizing lets you focus more on your values. Organizing means less time looking for the other shoe, fewer arguments over who last used the scissors and did not put them back and less time cleaning around the clutter …With less time wasted, you have more time to pursue those life goals that matter.

The next time you wonder why you would ever make time to organize, keep in mind that organizing can be a way and a first step towards an and. In case you discover a task that seems pointless, ask yourself how that task can bring you faster and closer to what means to the most to you. It is wonderful how a change in attitude and knowing what is “in it for me” can motivate you.

Ask For Help

Even if most of your responsibilities and every day tasks are “value added”, they are not always fun and often too much for one person. The solution is to spread the responsibility among the whole family circle. What is boring to one person may be fun for another. One person’s weak spot may be another person’s strength. Some people have time in the morning to help everyone get prepared for the day, and others have more time in the early evening to help everyone get prepared for bed. When you do ask for help, keep in mind to be clear or be prepared for “not exactly what you expected”. Letting others pick what they require and find their own way, within reason, may even make them more willing and productive.


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Why should I organize?
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