Moleskine® Travel Journal Setup

May 30, 2011
by marcus

Here is my newly setup Moleskine® Travel Journal. Although I adore all my Moleskine® notebooks (mainly in large size and mainly just ruled) and having bought the Film Journal recently, I have my issues with preset journals that force me to stick to a certain layout. Except the planner I have not yet used a Moleskine® with – how to call it – preset areas for certain information; the Film Journal will be the first one.

I have thought of getting ready for the summer vacation with the Moleskine® Travel Journal; then I thought, the preset areas might be bit too small for me and I might finish some of them and have still space in the others. I would need another Journal then to continue while the first is still not full. I don’t like wasting paper, so I decided to set up my own Travel Journal.

I printed the MSK templates by Moleskine® ( to get an idea of how the Travel Journal is set up and I decided to create and use my own template, using the MSK templates for a first idea.

There several MSK templates available: Calendar, Long Trip, Short Trip, Weekend Trip, Planning and here is what I have come up with!


Material needed:



I have numbered all my pages to start with.

Page 1 – left empty for a nice picture to post here as a start of the Travel Journal

Page 2-7 I used as an introduction into Travel Journaling. I have found a great little post which I used, printed and posted here: The Art of keeping a Travel journal


On page 8-11 I used the MSK Calendar Template. This gives a great 8 year preview (2011-2018); by then, the journal should be filled with great travel stories. It is small, but I will only use it to get a quick overview.


Page 12-17 were set up as Index for all my travels that I will record.


Page 18-19 I left blank as I was not sure about the Index pages. With this I might have 2 more pages available; if not, I am sure I will find one or two or three photos to post here.

On page 20 I will start to record my first travel and I am very excited about it as it will be very soon. And here is the set up I settled with. Have a look at the picture of how I have divided my section on the first page (left side of the double page) of each of my travels:

Name, Date, Transport, Places, Travel Guide, Travel Companions and Notes


The right is set up for checklists, before and during the travel. I believe that one page will be more than enough.


The following double page is set up like this and here I will note the Places I visited during the travel (including the dates); starting on the left and potentially it can continue on the right. If there is no need for this, then I can use this page for maps, photos, thoughts etc.


From the following page onwards I decided I will keep all my notes, thoughts, review of place, restaurants etc; I will start journaling here in longhand, not just jotting down words – at least that’s my intention. I have left an open end to this section and have prepared about 40 double pages for this.


I have combined the different MSK templates, used a few of the given sections and rearranged the spacing on the pages. This template should work for me wherever I go, no matter for how long.
This completes the set up counting the pages from the front.

I am using most of my notebooks also from the back, working my way forward. With this both sections meet at some point somewhere in the middle of the notebook and there is no need to separate different section from the beginning and taking the risk that I run out of space in one section.

All my planning pages start at the back and I pretty much used the MSK Planning template for it with the following 5W section: Where, When, Who, What, Why on the left page and the Budget on the right hand side.


I have set up 6 Planning double pages to start with and can easily add more.

The Stabilo Pen work fine for me with now feathering on the pages. Sometimes Moleskine® paper let the ink feather a bit with other pens and I have no bad experience with the Stabilo Pens. I have used the size F to draw the line and the size S for the writing of the header. The writing shines through a little bit, but I really do not mind. For me it’s a sign that the notebook is actually in use.


I am very pleased with the setup. Although I have not decided on a pen yet to use as my travel companion, I am very excited to start using it. I normally do all my writing with Fountain Pens and I really enjoy this. Being on the road though might justify the usage of something else, such as the Pentel EnerGel Pen with Liquid Gel Ink. This one is particularly fast drying which is great when you are on the go. I will see what else comes to mind.

Happy Travel Journaling everyone!


Please share your thoughts and/or responses to this topic by leaving a comment.

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Moleskine® Travel Journal Setup
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