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August 8, 2011
by marcus


“56 different models, 22 new releases, hundreds of ways to fill them in. A new photo gallery of diverse Moleskine planners, shown in use.” (

If you are interested in paper planner and even if you are totally digital, take a few moments and read the mentioned article on

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So many different ways to use a planner  – and to add some expression of your personality. To bring this alive, Moleskine has put together a photo gallery of views of different layouts and formats to show the variety of possibilities.


New planner releases in 2012 are:
Cahier Diaries. Natural color, rough cardboard, ultra light.

  • Cahier Weekly Diary. Colours: Terracotta, Mais, Ginger, Wheat.

Combining heavy-duty cardboard cover, with visible Singer stitching on the spine. It shows one week per page, with horizontal layout.

  • Cahier 3-Piece Diary. Colors: Earth and Warm greys.

Each of the 3-Piece Diary includes:$
- Week-a-Page: one week per page, 64 pages.
- Daily Notebook: one day for each page, with no date, 64 pages, all detachable.
- Double Pocket: 2 pockets in cardboard and cloth. Elastic closure to gather the 3 pieces together.


Cover Art Planners by the Moleskine Community.

The Cover Art has been introduced in March 2009 and will also be available for planner and for cover art Moleskine has made a donation to a non-profit organisation that was chosen by the artist.


Professional Diaries.

These are the big brothers of the large notebooks and offer lots of space for useful information. The 2 new XL notebooks in 2012 are:

  • Action Diary

which he whole week on two pages in vertical layout, column for weekly actions and projects on the right and two full month snapshots.

  • Taskmaster Diary

shows four pages for each week: two pages for the whole week, with vertical layout and two full month snapshots, followed by two pages for weekly actions and projects.


Limited Editions Diaries. Peanuts and PAC-MAN.

Both limited editions will be available for planners in 2 sizes (large and pocket) and with 2 layouts (weekly notebook and daily diary) with address book insert and postcard.


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®Moleskine Planner Collections 2012
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