TWSBI – Customer Service Review

December 27, 2011
by marcus

Earlier this year I noticed this fountain pen – TWSBI Diamond 530. It has won the red dot desgin award in 2010; “red dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business”.

I was intruiged by the fact that it’s a “see-through” pen or demonstrator pen as they are also called. I checked it out on several resources and I finally bought in on Ebay in April. There are lots of reviews for this pen (here, here and here; and there are probably more ….) and I decided not to write another one. All reviews speak very highly of this fountain pen and I totally agree with what is said and written.

I have a two Waterman, one Pelikan and a very expensive Cross fountain pen and I have to say the TWSBI is not standing behind any of those. Based ony my great experience I am looking foward to the release of their new “VAC 700″!
I used the fountain in the office and also as my travel companion, so I got good use out of it very quickly … until November that is.

In November the transparent cap broke off the mental ring with the thread that goes on the pen itself. I was devastated!

Then I thought, I might actually contact the manufacturer: I checked their website for contact details and send a request through their contact form. Within a day I had a reply from them, asking for more details which exact pen I have as they wanted to send me a replacement cap. What can I say … I replied with the details and a hort while I received the information that a replacement cap was sent out. I even got a tracking number so I could follow the shipment.
Actually, there was no need to follow up as the little parcel arrived exactly one week later :-)

The only thing that was now left for me to do, was to assemble the cap. I had thought I would receive the complete cap but it was only the cap that arrived and I needed to unscrew the clip from the old cap and fix on the new one.

There is a little video here that shows how this is done and although it’s not difficult one need the right screwdriver to do it. Nothing major and very quickly my fountain pen is now complete again ( and

THANK YOU guys and girls from TWSBI for sending me a replacement cap.
Great customer service! Everyone should have a TWSBI!

Here are a few pictures I took of the cap when dissembled:

TWSBI 530 dissembled cap

Little plastic cap goes into the big cap

Loosening the screw inside the cap


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TWSBI – Customer Service Review
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