This year there is no need for me to start a new ®Moleskine as I still have enough pages left for a few months. However, I want still give you some idea of what You could do with your notebook.

1. Add a Photo.

This is something I am actually going to do. I am looking for a photo of my loved one and will then use mounting corners to add it to my ®Moleskine right to inside of the front cover. Using the mounting corners will give me the option to re-use the same photo in the next notebook.

2. Expense Log.

Use a lined or grid-paper notebook works best when you want to track expenses throughout the day or month. Use the back pocket to store your receipts and “sync” with your accounting software on a regular basis.

3. Numbering the pages.

Well, this is something that I highly recommend when using a notebook for journalling. I use headings for all my entries and at the end of the notebook, I put together an Index in Excel ( I am sure you can do something in Word as well); then I print it and add it to my completed ®Moleskine.

4. Using templates

Here is an idea utilizing the  Moleskine MSK Wizard to create reference pages full of useful information. Print them and paste them into your ®Moleskine.
With the wizard site you can create formatted contact lists, schedules, or free-form pages with all sorts of texts and images of your own.

5. Family Journal.

®Moleskine has brought out lots of different themed journals over the last 2 years (I use the Movie Journal for example and have given the Baby Journal as a gift).
What I have not seen is a Family Passion Journalfor important information such as birthdays, anniversaries, medical information; addresses of doctors, dentists, and other service providers, favorite colors, foods — especially for family member you are not in frequent contact with, this might be interesting. You can also let them have a page or two to draw or write something when you meet them the next time.
You can also add numbers of your favorite restaurants; school information for your children; bank account, insurance, etc etc.

6. Decorate the outside.

I had the idea to emboss my initials on the front cover of my ®Moleskine and have not yet found a way for me to do at home. What I intend to use is to print my initials on labeled paper and stick those on.
If you need any inspriation, check out this Flickr Group.

So, now it’s your turn … What notebook are you using and what goes in? Leave a comment below!


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